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Medical Filtration Manufacturer

AIM Filtration in leading medical filtration manufacturer located at India. Our staff is specialized in manufacture and design of medial filtration and healthcare related filtration Medias. We develop custom filtration solutions for medical industry.

In the recent times of swine flu, avian flu and other such pandemics, we have realized a need for the requirement of high-efficiency filter media. Supplied on a global basis our filter medias are used in both flat as well as moulded masks. Our media’s adhere to the US respiratory standards like N95, NIOSH or the European standards of FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 as per EN149 specifications.

The media is characterized by exceptional uniformity and high bacterial and particle filtration efficiency (BFE & PFE) which enables the user to prepare respirators and masks of the highest quality.

Our respirator media exhibits excellent efficiencies and penetration values for NaCl, DOP and paraffin oil. It provides low breathing resistance measurements for easy breathability and excellent mask comfort. It offers exceptional product uniformity and is highly economical and cost-effective. In-house testing is available for all NIOSH and EN specifications on flat sheet test rig from PALAS, Germany.

The media are made using best of the global technology. Aim employs various technologies like meltblowns, thermal bonding, needle punching, chemical bonding, scatter coating, nano technology, nano fibers, PU coating and so on!

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