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Spunmelt Cartridges:

AIM Filtration in leading water filter media supplier located at India for industrial and commercial water filtration system. We are prominent supplier of water filter Medias.

AIM produces nominally rated spun melt filter cartridges. Produced with 100% pure FDA complaint polypropylene the melt blown manufacturing method is used for the improvement of mechanical strength and steady maintenance of filtering accuracy by 3D polymeric fibrous structures. It has a high flow rate, low-pressure drop and longer service life. The cartridge is self-bonded with no chemical binder.

• Available in all sizes from 5” to 50” and Jumbo (Big Blue).
• Available in 1 micron to 20-micron rating

Liquid Filter Bags

It’s an economical filtration solution for a wide range of applications. Highly controlled manufacturing procedures ensure consistent quality and no contamination. The unique bag designs provide added strength and avoid the risk of a bypass. Our filter bags will fit all industry standard bag housings.

• Ultrasonically Welded seams eliminate the possibility of unfiltered liquid bypass common in needle-sewn bags
• Surface treated to reduce the fibre migration
• Glazed and signed finishes are available to inhibit fibre migration
• Available in 7/16, 7/32, 4/20 and 4/14

The medias are made using best of the global technology. Aim employs various technologies like meltblowns, thermal bonding, needle punching, chemical bonding, scatter coating, nano technology, nano fibers, PU coating and so on!

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